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Custom and unique jewelry designs for you

Our in-house jewelers are very proficient and have very few limitations in terms of what they cannot work with. You can express your ideas for the design you desire and we can work with you to develop a unique, beautiful, and attention-grabbing piece of jewelry that is truly exclusive.

You get to pick each detail

Every detail you pick is prioritized in our creation process. Select the stones, precious metal, setting style and everything else you desire to have in your jewelry piece.


Beyond having a unique look, we value your opinions. Take part in the creation process to build a deeper connection with your


One-of-a-kind pieces for you

• Engagement ring

• Cuffs

• Matching custom suite of earrings

• Necklaces

• Rings

• Other custom jewelry designs


With computer-aided design tools, years of design experience and careful listening, your custom piece will far exceed your expectations.

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Maximize your budget by being able to control the selection of gems used throughout. You now have the option to stretch your budget further while making wise choices.

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Many of my customers have come in the store with pictures from Pinterest or have been looking on line. This is a great idea on getting the process started. The mind starts to get creative.  Then we narrow it down. Through cad cam or fabrication we can duplicate a beautiful design for you.



If you need repairs done on your jewelry, depend on us to get it done right. We don't take shortcuts and we believe in giving our customers the best because that's what you deserve.


All our services are done on the premises and completed in two weeks. While you wait and overnight repairs are available for an additional fee. Please call and schedule an appointment with one of our jewelers.

Depend on the Experts